Electronics Design Engineer Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

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Electronics Design Engineer Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

As a professional looking to relocate to the UK, understanding your visa sponsorship options is key. This article will provide valuable insights into electronics design engineer roles in the UK, offering visa sponsorship in 2024. Gaining clarity on relocation support early allows you to evaluate openings compatible with your skills. Reviewing current hiring trends in your field assists planning and helps set realistic expectations. The engineering jobs highlighted offer competitive salaries, relocation assistance, and a chance to progress your career in an innovative environment. With Brexit changing the UK job market, these sponsorships represent exciting opportunities. Carefully assess where your experience aligns with demand so you can tailor applications accordingly. Let’s explore what these forward-thinking companies seek in candidates.

Electronics Design Engineer Jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Overview of Electronics Design Engineer Jobs in the UK

As an electronics design engineer in the UK, you will be responsible for designing and developing electronic components, products, or systems. These roles typically require a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering, electrical engineering, or a related field.

Electronics design engineers utilize software like CAD to design schematics and layouts for electronic circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs). You must understand electronic engineering principles and stay up-to-date with technological advances in components, tools, and methodologies. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are essential to interpret complex systems and troubleshoot issues.

Depending on the company and specific position, an electronics design engineer’s duties may include:

  • Researching and analyzing electronic requirements and components
  • Designing electronic schematics, diagrams, and layouts
  • Developing and testing prototypes of electronic devices
  • Overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure high-quality standards
  • Providing technical support to production and manufacturing teams
  • Continuously optimizing electronic designs to improve functionality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Electronics design engineers are employed across various industries, including engineering, telecommunications, IT, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical technology. According to recent job postings, many companies in the UK are hiring electronics design engineers, especially those with experience in embedded systems, PCB layout, FPGA development, and analog circuit design.

To obtain an electronics design engineer position in the UK, you will typically need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in electronics engineering, electrical engineering, or a related engineering field. Relevant work experience, technical certifications, and knowledge of design software like Altium Designer or Cadence Allegro can also be advantageous for career progression in this role.

Top Companies Hiring Electronics Design Engineers With Visa Sponsorship

Several major technology companies in the UK regularly hire foreign electronics design engineers and provide visa sponsorship. If you have the right skills and experience, these companies may be willing to sponsor you for a UK work visa.

1. Arm Limited

This company is a semiconductor and software design company that is a leader in the Internet of Things. Arm designs processors and microcontrollers used in many electronic devices. Arm has over 6,000 employees, with major design centers in Cambridge, UK. Arm frequently hires electronics engineers, including those requiring visa sponsorship, to help design their innovative products.

2. Dyson

Dyson is a British technology company that designs innovative products, including vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hair dryers, and lighting. Dyson has over 12,000 employees worldwide, with their headquarters and main research center in Malmesbury, UK. Dyson regularly recruits top electronics design engineers, including candidates eligible for visa sponsorship, to work on developing their latest products featuring advanced robotics, motors, batteries, and other technologies.

3. McLaren

McLaren is a British high-performance sports car and Formula 1 racing car manufacturer. McLaren employs over 4,000 people, primarily based in Woking, UK. McLaren frequently hires electronics design engineers, especially those with experience in automotive technologies, including candidates they are willing to sponsor for a UK work visa.

Other major technology companies in the UK that may hire and provide visa sponsorship for skilled electronics design engineers include BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, and Airbus. In general, to obtain a sponsored UK work visa as an electronics engineer, you will need a degree in electronics engineering, computer engineering, or a related field and relevant work experience. The companies seek candidates with experience designing advanced electronics, embedded systems, and circuit boards. Proficiency with CAD software, programming languages like C/C++, and various simulation tools will also be valued.

With the right skills and experience, foreign electronics engineers have opportunities to land a sponsored role with a leading technology company in the UK. Do your research to find companies that regularly hire candidates requiring visa sponsorship and that design products you have expertise and interest in contributing to. Prepare a strong resume highlighting your relevant technical and soft skills, experience, and education. If selected for an interview, be ready to impress them with your passion for the work. With the proper preparation, you have a good chance of obtaining a sponsored UK work visa as an electronics design engineer.

Skills and Qualifications Needed for Electronics Design Engineering Roles

To pursue an electronics design engineer career in the UK,
you will need a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or a related field. Relevant coursework includes circuits, electronics, microprocessors, and programming. Hands-on experience with electronic design tools and simulation software is also essential.

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1. Technical Skills

Proficiency with electronic design automation (EDA) tools such as Altium Designer, Cadence, and Mentor Graphics is required. Strong skills in programming languages like C, C++, and VHDL for hardware description and verification are needed. Knowledge of analog and digital circuits, embedded systems, and PCB layout is important. Experience with microcontrollers, FPGAs, and prototyping platforms is useful.

2. Soft Skills

Electronics design engineers should have excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities to resolve technical issues. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to collaborate with colleagues and clients. Creativity and an aptitude for logical and analytical thinking will aid in designing and developing innovative electronic components and systems. Understanding complex ideas and paying close attention to detail is essential.

3. Certifications

While not always required, professional certifications can demonstrate your competence to employers. Relevant certifications for electronics design engineers include Certified Electronics Technician (CET), Certified Engineering Technician (C.E.T.), and Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) designation. Vendor-specific certifications in EDA tools and hardware platforms may also be useful.

You will need a bachelor’s degree and several years of relevant work experience to work as an electronics design engineer in the UK. Strong technical and soft skills, hands-on proficiency with design tools, and optional professional certifications will qualify you for roles developing and testing electronic components, equipment, and systems. Visa sponsorship will allow qualified foreign nationals to live and work in the UK long-term.


How can I get sponsorship to work in the UK?

Employers in the United Kingdom are required to get a sponsorship license. Once they have this license, they can issue certificates of sponsorship to migrant workers, who can apply for a visa to work in the UK.

How much do electronic design engineers make in the UK?

The average income for an electronic engineer in London, UK, is £38,678.

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