Jobs for Night Health Care Assistants in Plymouth, UK 2024

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Jobs for Night Health Care Assistants in Plymouth UK 2024

Meadowside & St Francis Care, one of Plymouth’s largest residential communities, is presently looking for passionate and motivated healthcare assistants to join our growing team of certified professionals. Both Meadowside and St Francis Care’s two facilities in Plympton are easily accessible via bus routes:

Meadowfield View & Meadowside

Jobs for Night Health Care Assistants in Plymouth UK 2024

They sincerely believe in their ‘Philosophy of Care’ attitude, which defines a responsibility of care that includes welfare, well-being, and happiness in addition to medical care.

Keeping this in mind, they promise each resident that they are committed to providing care, attention, and respect in their personal dwelling.

Details of Night Health Care Assistant Jobs in Plymouth UK

  • Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent
  • CompanyMeadowside and St Francis Care Centre
  • Part-time hours: 5 – 50 per week
  • Schedule: 12-hour shift
  • Work Location: In person
  • Salary: From £10.80 per hour
  • Shift pattern 19.00-07.00 & 7.00 – 19.00
  • Job Role – Health Care Assistant

Description of Night Health Care Assistant Jobs

The Registered Manager, Trained Nursing Staff, and Senior Care Assistants will guide and oversee you as a Health Care Assistant. This post will require additional responsibilities, such as overseeing the household’s effective running.

Benefits of Night Health Care Assistant Jobs

Below are the benefits of Night Health Care Assistant:

Shift differentials: Healthcare facilities often offer more pay for employees who perform night shifts. This may result in an overall increase in pay for Night Health Care Assistants.

Flexibility: Night assignments usually provide persons with other daytime obligations, such as adhering to family responsibilities or pursuing their education, with some degree of flexibility.

Reduced Commute Times: Night shifts may result in less traffic congestion during commuting hours, decreasing the time spent getting to and from work.

Improved Patient Care Concentration: The relatively calm setting of night shifts in healthcare facilities allows Health Care Assistants to give more attention to each patient’s specific needs, unimpeded by the frantic pace of daytime activities.

Enhanced Autonomy: With fewer administrative workers and supervisors present during night shifts, healthcare assistants may have more independence in managing their tasks and commitments.

Stronger Team Bonding: The night shift team is usually made up of fewer people, which produces a close-knit environment conducive to the creation of strong bonds and collaborative work.

Specialized Patient Care: Some healthcare facilities may accommodate patients with specific needs throughout the night or have specialized units. It is possible that night healthcare assistants will be allocated to work with specific patient populations or medical issues.

Prospects for Ongoing Education: Health Care Assistants may benefit from a more relaxed environment during night shifts, which may allow them to participate in continuing education activities such as enrolling in online courses or reading medical publications.

Availability of Resources: Health Care Assistants may have better access to resources, such as facilities and equipment, during night when there are less patients and people present.

Problem-Solving possibilities: Night health care aides may face unique challenges and possibilities to address problems, fostering the development of critical thinking abilities and adaptability.

Duties and Responsibilities of Night Health Care Assistant

As a night health care assistant, your main duty is to provide care and support for patients during the evening and overnight hours.

1. Monitoring Patients

You’ll closely monitor patients to ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being overnight. This includes checking vitals like blood pressure, temperature, and pulse, as well as assisting patients with turning, repositioning, and personal needs. You need to report any changes in patients’ conditions to the nursing staff right away.

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2. Administering Medications

You may be required to administer oral medications, creams, and ointments as prescribed by physicians. You need to double check that you are giving the right medications to the right patients in the right dosages before administering. Record all medications given in the patients’ charts.

3. Responding to Call Lights and Alarms

Quickly respond to patient call lights, bed alarms, and any other medical equipment alarms. Determine the patients’ needs and provide any necessary assistance or pass information to the nursing staff. Your prompt response can be critical in emergency situations.

4. Maintaining a Safe Environment

Ensure patient rooms, hallways, bathrooms and all areas of the healthcare facility are kept clean, hazard-free, and secure during your shift. This includes activities like trash removal, floor mopping, equipment organization, and security rounds.

You may also be responsible for tasks like changing bed linens, scrubbing bedpans, and stocking patient rooms and supply closets. While not the most glamorous duties, maintaining a safe, hygienic environment is essential for patient care and recovery.

5. Assisting Nursing Staff

Work with and assist nurses and other healthcare personnel as needed. This could include helping lift or move patients, escorting patients, cleaning medical equipment, or running errands to assist the staff. Pitch in wherever an extra set of hands is needed to keep things running smoothly overnight.

The job of a night health care assistant is demanding yet rewarding. By providing compassionate care and support for patients during the late hours, you play an important role in their recovery and well-being. If you’re up for the challenge, it can be a very fulfilling career path.

For more information on the aforementioned job vacancy, please contact them at 01752 337938. A professional member of their staff will gladly assist you.

You must undertake an upgraded DBS check.
They are an equal opportunity employer who welcomes all applicants.
They gladly await your letter if you have a strong desire to impact positive change.


How long is a waking-night shift?

The care professional works at least eight hours per night. This is the ideal assistance option if you or a loved one wakes up multiple times, possibly disoriented or wanting to use the restroom.

Do nighttime workers sleep?

Unlike a sleeping night caretaker, the awake night carer does not normally prioritize sleep; in fact, the waking night carer frequently does not sleep at all.

What is the function of a nightcareer?

Overnight caregivers are trained to provide respectful personal care to those with complicated care needs. They are available to assist with hygienic duties (brushing teeth, showering, toileting, and shaving) as well as household chores (food preparation, laundry, and cleaning).

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