UBC Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024

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UBC Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024

 UBC Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024: International students who have shown a strong desire to make a big difference in their communities can apply for the University of British Columbia Scholarship.

UBC is one of the top 40 universities in the world, so it gets top students from all over the world. The first step on your way to UBC is to fill out an online application. This form has information, dates, and tips to help you do your best.

UBC will offer two types of undergraduate scholarships: the Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award and the International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES). Each year, a different number and level of these international scholarships are given out, based on how much money is available.

More than $20 million is given each year to awards, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid for foreign undergraduate students at the University of British Columbia. This is done to recognize the academic excellence of outstanding students from around the world.

When a qualified student is accepted to UBC, the Outstanding International Student (OIS) Award is given to them as a one-time, merit-based entrance grant. Students who are chosen for this award do well in school and are active in activities outside of school.

To be eligible, you must be an international student entering your first year of undergraduate studies, demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, creativity, and extracurricular involvement, and have financial need. The selection committee evaluates applicants based on their grades, admission average, application, references, and interview.

UBC Scholarship for International Students 2023/2024

Overview of The Scholarship

Host Institution:

University of British Columbia.

Level/Field of Study:

Undergraduate programme offered at the University

Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:

The scholarship will cover tuition, books, incidental fees, and full residence.

Recipients will receive funding for their undergraduate studies in any discipline at the University of British Columbia. The scholarship also provides access to mentorship, and internship opportunities.


December 1, 2023.

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Eligibility Requirements for The University of British Columbia Scholarship

To be eligible for the UBC Undergraduate Scholarships, candidates must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Language Requirement: English is the main language used for teaching at UBC. Before they can be accepted, all potential students must show that they meet a certain level of English.
  • Countries that can apply: Every country in the world.
  • Be new to UBC, entering directly from secondary school or post-secondary (university or college).
  • You must be a student from outside of Canada who has been granted a study pass to attend UBC. (If your citizenship situation changes, you may not be able to use IMES anymore.)
  • Show great academic success and intellectual potential, as well as active participation in extracurricular activities and the community.

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How to Apply for UBC Scholarships

  • You’ll need to set up your UBC application account and student profile. This is where you’ll submit all your info for any scholarships or awards.
  • Next, start scoping out what scholarships you want to apply for. UBC offers over 3,000 different awards, so you’ve got options. Do some research to find ones that match your program of study, skills, experience, or extracurriculars. The more specific the award, the better your chances.
  • Be prepared to tout your accomplishments, share your goals, and say how a scholarship will help you achieve your dreams
  • You’ll also need reference letters to vouching for what an ideal candidate for higher education you are. Hit up professors, Provide them details about the scholarships you’re applying for so they can customize their letter.
  • Finally, get your materials in before the deadlines. Late or incomplete applications won’t be considered. Then cross your fingers, pray to the scholarship gods and wait. If selected, the award amount will be deposited directly to your student account.

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Benefits of the University Of British Columbia Scholarship

Below are the benefits of this scholarship:

  • As an international scholarship student at UBC, you’ll enjoy a few prime advantages over your peers. For starters, your tuition is covered, so you can spend your time focusing on your studies instead of worrying how to pay for them.
  • You’ll also get exclusive access to UBC’s International Scholars network, filled with opportunities to connect with other high-achieving students and potential mentors. This is prime networking territory, people, so work those connections! Who knows, you might just meet your future business partner or Nobel Prize co-recipient.
  • On top of all that, as an international scholarship student, UBC will roll out the red carpet for you. You’ll get invited to exclusive events, matched with a faculty mentor, and given opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research. UBC wants to show you a good time and hopes you’ll spread the word about them to all your equally brilliant friends back home.


1. How do UBC scholarships work?

Scholarships are merit-based rewards given mostly to students who excel academically. Additional attributes, including athletic accomplishments or community service, might also be taken into account. Hybrid awards are provided on the basis of financial need combined with academic and/or extracurricular excellence.

2. How can I increase my chances of getting into UBC?

Usually, this required GPA is in the range of 80%. To be a competitive applicant, we advise aiming for a GPA in the 90% level. It’s crucial to remember that different programs—like UBC Arts and UBC Sauder—have distinct prerequisites. Your chances of getting into UBC are stronger the higher your grades are.

3. What makes UBC stand out?

UBC is well known throughout the world for its outstanding research and teaching, high academic standards, reputation for delivering cutting-edge work, and exceptional support of minority and diverse cultures.

4. What is the hardest undergraduate program to get into UBC?

According to Yahoo Finance, one of the hardest undergraduate degrees to get into is UBC’s business department. Each year, the program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business receives roughly 4,500 applicants. The acceptance rate for applications is only approximately 6%.


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