Top Jobs for Teens in the UK 2024

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Top Jobs for Teens in the UK 2024

Looking to make some cash while you’re still in school? Finding a part-time job as a teen isn’t always easy, but we have some ideas that could score you decent pay without demanding too much of your precious free time. There are options, whether you want something regular like stocking shelves or delivering papers or more flexible gig work like dog walking or tutoring. We found 10 jobs perfect for teens that you can start applying to now. They range from retail and food service to lawn care and childcare. Many even provide on-the-job training. So check out this list and start earning your own money!

Top Jobs for Teens in the UK 2024

Why Teens Need Jobs

As a teen, having a job can teach you valuable life skills and prepare you for independence. Here are a few reasons why teens should consider finding employment:

  • Finding work experience early on looks great on college and job applications. Any job, whether an internship, apprenticeship or part-time work, provides opportunities to gain experience that will benefit you for years.
  • You can earn your own money. A job allows you to earn money to pay for things you want, like mobile phones, clothes, or university savings. Making your own money gives you financial independence and teaches you responsibility.
  • You develop critical social skills. Interacting with colleagues and customers helps build communication skills, teamwork abilities, and confidence in interacting with people of all ages. These “soft skills” are useful for life.
  • You learn valuable time management. Balancing school, work, homework, friends, and family commitments teaches essential time management skills. You must organize your time, prioritize important tasks, and use limited time efficiently. These skills translate to many areas of life.
  • You can explore career options. Part-time work exposes you to different jobs and careers so you can determine what you’re interested in. You may discover new passions or rule out options that don’t suit you. This helps in making better education and career choices.

In summary, finding a part-time job as a teen, whether summer or long-term, provides benefits that will serve you well into the future. Gaining real-world experience, earning money, developing critical skills, and exploring careers is why teens should prioritise finding employment. The lessons you learn on the job will guide you toward independence and success.

Top Jobs for Teens in the UK 2024

1. Retail Sales Assistant

As online shopping continues to grow, retail stores will still need friendly sales assistants to provide personalized service to customers. Help customers find what they need, ring up purchases, and keep the store looking tidy. Flexible hours and part-time work make this a popular choice for teens.

2. Waiter/Waitress

Restaurants always need hardworking, personable wait staff to serve customers. Take orders, bring food and drinks, clear tables and process payments. Gain useful experience in customer service and food handling. Weekend and evening work is typical.

3. Barista

Make and serve hot and cold coffee and tea drinks at a coffee shop. Learn how to use commercial espresso machines and cash registers. Chat with regular customers and keep the coffee bar clean and well-stocked. Usually, morning, afternoon and weekend shifts are available.

4. Dog Walker

Make some extra money and get exercise by walking dogs in your neighbourhood. Visit clients’ homes, walk the dogs outdoors, feed them and provide fresh water. You’ll need to be responsible, able to handle dogs of different sizes and have a flexible schedule for drop-in visits.

5. Tutor

If you excel in certain subjects, consider tutoring other students after school or on weekends. Help students improve their grades and understand topics like English, maths or science. You’ll need patience, teaching ability and knowledge of the curriculum and exam materials. It can be a rewarding job for the right teen.

6. Babysitter

Look after children in clients’ homes, prepare snacks, help with homework, play games, and put kids to bed. Gain useful experience caring for children of different ages. Usually evening and weekend work, often on short notice. Must be responsible, energetic and able to handle emergencies.

7. Online Survey Taker

Complete online surveys in your spare time to earn some cash. Share your opinions on new products, services and topics of interest to market researchers. Flexible way to make money on your own schedule. Look for survey companies that don’t require a fee to sign up and pay via cash, gift cards or online payment.

8. Online Tutor

Consider online tutoring if you have a skill or talent in music, language, coding or gaming. Use video chatting platforms to teach students remotely in live, interactive lessons. Set your own hours and rates and reach students across a wide geographic area. You’ll need patience, teaching ability, technical skills and a quiet lesson space.

9. Pet Sitter

Feed, walk, bathe and play with pets when their owners are away. Visit clients’ homes to care for dogs, cats, fish, birds or other animals according to owners’ instructions.

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Do I need a work permit?

If you’re under 18, you’ll need a work permit from your school to get a job. This is to ensure the job won’t interfere with your education. The permit will specify the hours and days you’re allowed to work. Some common restrictions for teens are:

  • No working before 7 am or after 7 pm
  • No more than 12 hours per week during school terms
  • No more than 35 hours per week during school holidays

What kinds of jobs can I do?

There are many jobs suitable for teens, including:

  • Retail work like shop assistant, cashier, or sales associate
  • Foodservice such as waiter/waitress, barista, kitchen porter or fast food crew
  • Office admin such as data entry clerk, receptionist or assistant
  • Tutoring or teaching assistant
  • Dog walking, babysitting or house-sitting
  • Leaflet distribution or market research
  • Farm work like crop picking or packing

The key is to find work that matches your interests and experience. Look for roles advertised as suitable for 16-18 year olds.

How much will I earn?

Wages for teen jobs in the UK are usually minimum wage or slightly higher. The current minimum wage for 16-17-year-olds is £4.55 per hour. Some jobs like tutoring, babysitting or retail work may pay up to £8 per hour. Your pay will depend on factors like:

  • Your age and experience
  • The type of work and job responsibilities
  • The company and location
  • Current minimum wage laws

While the pay may not be high, the experience and skills you gain will be valuable. A part-time teen job can teach you key employability skills to help launch your future career.

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