Top 10 Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour with No Experience or Degree

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Top 10 Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour with No Experience or Degree
Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour with No Experience or Degree

In today’s fast-paced and competitive job market, it’s often assumed that high-paying careers require a lot of experience and a college degree. However, this isn’t always the case. With the rise of new industries and the evolving needs of various sectors, there are now numerous job opportunities that offer lucrative hourly wages without requiring a degree or prior experience. If you’re looking to boost your earning potential and kickstart your career, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 jobs that pay $30 an hour or more, with no experience or degree necessary, among other relevant information.

About Working in the USA

The opportunities that are available for working in the USA are numerous as the country has a stable economy where people are encouraged to come up with new ideas and inventions. Also, it has a good job market capable of offering various opportunities in various sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, and so on.

The competition for jobs in the USA is not very high, as there are many vacancies, which are available in IT, healthcare and e-commerce among others. Furthermore, the American work culture supports punctuality, dedication, self-reliance and result-oriented approach to work. A regular working week consists of 40 hours, while extra working hours are paid at a premium.

Additionally, various companies and industries in the USA provide employees with benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacations, among others. There are lots of opportunities in terms of career progression and personal development since many employers provide training and development to their employees actively. The USA can be considered as a multi-cultural society with great number of people working and a great number of opportunities to interact with employees with multicultural background. However, to work legally in the USA work visa or green card may be required for those who are non-citizens of the United States.

Top 10 Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour No Experience or Degree

  1. Building Inspector

Average Salary: $31.32 per hour

The primary responsibility of building inspectors is to conduct inspections to ensure compliance and safety of buildings. They may be tasked with duties such as site inspection, safety inspection, permit issuance, quality assurance and any form of defect, violation or variation in compliance standards detected on the site.

This job is best suited for candidates who prefer on-site work and are not restricted to working in a field environment. The building inspector job description involves walking most of the time and performing physically challenging activities that call for concentration and orderliness in tasks. If the construction sector appeals to you and you are particular about details, then becoming a building inspector is a good idea for you.

However, if you have been working in a related field, for instance, construction, it will be easy to switch to building inspection. You will have to secure a permit in your area, and then you can proceed to work on building inspection contracts. Nonetheless, if you have no experience in the related field, there is no need to panic! You can begin with courses or training that will equip you with the knowledge of building inspection and practical experience in the process. It is also possible to choose a specialization, get practical experience and then go for the license to work in the building inspection sphere.

Power Plant Operator
  1. Power Plant Operator

Average Salary: $31.34 per hour

The main function of power plant operators is to generate electricity in a safe and sustainable manner. They are involved in the operation and maintenance of equipment in fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy power plants. Some of the tasks you might be performing in your capacity as a power plant operator include, overseeing the functioning of equipment, machines and systems; servicing the machines and systems; ensuring compliance with safety protocols; interacting with other operators and maintenance team; and handling issues such as contingencies and stoppages.

Since this job requires handling mechanical and electrical systems, the candidate should be in a position to analyze some problems and communicate properly. Power plant operators are employed in a busy environment and they might be required to work during the weekends as well as during the night. They also do tasks that need mechanical ability, close vision, good judgment, and satisfaction with operating huge and complex equipment.

In general, you need a high school diploma and training to be eligible for this role. Some power plant operators also undertake certification or license, for instance, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license for nuclear power plants. There is always a possibility to advance to a higher position of a senior operator or a supervisor or to find a career in other areas like engineering or management. Generally, being a power plant operator is a well-paid job which can be interesting and challenging for the person who likes working with their hands and wants to supply people with electricity.

  1. Bookkeeper

Average Salary: $30.53 per hour

Bookkeeping is one of the most popular occupations that provides reasonable wages and a possibility of promotion. As for the education requirements for this occupation, to become a bookkeeper, one does not need to possess more than a high school diploma or the equivalent. Although it is often helpful to have a degree in accounting or a similar course, it is not mandatory. Some of the primary duties of a bookkeeper include accounts receivable and payable, recording data, and processing of employee’s wages. The job involves a lot of organizational skills, attention to detail and basic accounting software skills particularly in QuickBooks or Xero.

Bookkeepers’ pay ranges between $30 per hour and can go up to $45 per hour for those with experience and expertise in the field. Although some bookkeepers may be required to prepare financial statements and balance sheets, many of the jobs only require fundamental skills such as preparing reports and bills. Due to the ever-growing need for concise and precise handling of finances, bookkeeping is a rewarding profession for individuals who have a knack for dealing with numbers and precision.

Furthermore, to perform their duties effectively, bookkeepers require soft skills such as communication skills and problem-solving skills to work with clients, management, and other personnel. As bookkeepers gain experience and further their education they may be promoted to a senior level or move into other functions such as accounting, auditing or financial analysis. Generally, it can be said that bookkeeping is an exciting and rather paid field of work for people who like working in the sphere of finances.

  1. Salesperson

Average Salary: $30 per hour

Sales personnel exist in almost every industry, such as real estate, media companies, pharmaceuticals, and educational institutions, and the list is endless. The main duty of a salesperson is to sell products to clients, which makes it a perfect job for outgoing people with good communication skills and a passion for dealing with customers. A good salesperson should be knowledgeable about the products being sold, and capable of presenting the details and making presentations and demonstrations to clients.

This is because Sales presents numerous opportunities for beginner-level jobs and positions. Sales jobs do not require prior experience, and one can earn $30 per hour initially, while those willing to work harder can get better-paid jobs. Some of the fields of sales include; pharmaceutical and medical sales, e-commerce, retail and technology sales. Although sales may be a lucrative profession, it involves networking, especially when one is in a sales position that attracts commission, such as a real estate agent.

Moreover, the skills needed to build a sales career include communication skills, listening skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, and time management skills. Through developing these skills and being ready to learn, one can excel in sales careers and even progress to management level or branch out in a particular field.


Elevator Installer
  1. Elevator Installer

Average Salary: $31.09 per hour

Elevator installers are professional technicians who put together and maintain elevators and handle replacements within buildings, whether residential or commercial, including skyscrapers. This physically involved line of work demands the ability to pay attention to details, problem solving and working under pressure. Elevator installers are responsible for installing elevators and making sure that they work properly, thus making it an essential profession that serves the public interest.

The basic requirements for becoming an elevator installer include good physical strength because you need to be able to lift, bend, and work at heights. Further, having the ability to be detail-oriented and possess good problem-solving ability is important for success in this field. Although the work is often dangerous, lots of companies can provide numerous privileges like discounts, rewards, and bonuses for employees who work hard.

Gas Station Operators
  1. Gas Station Operators

Average Salary: $30.49  per hour

As a gas station operator, your work involves refuelling vehicles and supplying them with fuel and any other necessary lubricants, inspecting tyres etc. First of all, if you plan to become a gas station operator, you should be good at numbers and have well developed communication skills. These skills prepare you to competently manage cash, use POS terminals and interact with customers. Moreover, it is important to be efficient when it comes to handling pressure and being eager to work actively in this position.

As with any job, there are drawbacks to working as a gas station operator; however, flexible work schedules are one of the most valued perks among employees. This should be especially relevant for candidates with family obligations and other commitments in their lives. However, it is necessary to remember that direct employers of gas stations have chemical risks, including gasoline and other dangerous products, which entails using proper protective measures to reduce possible dangers. However, with the right skills and attitude, getting a job as a gas station operator is both fulfilling and has job security.

  1. Model makers

Average Salary: $30.40  per hour

Model makers are responsible for the fabrication of three-dimensional models for purposes of prototyping, set building for motion pictures and architectural designs, among others. Their work involves a considerable level of creativity, concern for details and technical excellence in order to transform concepts into realities. Specialists of modelling apply a set of technologies and materials based on manual work, computer technology, and 3D printing to produce accurate and to scale models.

To become a model maker, one has to receive thorough training in such lines as design, drafting and fabrication. You may not require a degree in any related field but experience may likely be required. Also, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and stress tolerance are important factors to consider when pursuing a career in this field. Model makers must also be able to understand the designs and instructions clearly and convey them into physical models.

An advantage to this job is that you get to work in a creative and fast-paced setting, and as a bonus, depending on the company or agency you are employed by, you get to enjoy office privileges and/or flexible working hours. Some model makers appreciate the feeling derived from witnessing their work progress from an idea to a fully functional model. However, working conditions may be unfavorable; one may be forced to work in cramped up areas or come into contact with substances like dust, glue or paint. Further, working under constrained time to deliver quality models can be stressful.

  1. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $35  per hour

Graphic designers have a very important function in business as they assist in making a business unique from others by designing visuals. If you have a knack for designing, you can become a professional in this growing field. Graphic designing involves designing messages through items like logos, fliers, brochures, website designs, text, illustrations, photographs, and layouts. Also, due to the growing popularity of social media and multimedia products, the job outlook for graphic designers is good. Graphic design can provide a challenging and fulfilling job for people who have chosen it as their career either as a freelancer or as a team member.

  1. Electrician

Average Salary: $31.45 per hour

Electricians are useful for competent and safe wiring, electrical and lighting work in construction and other structures. This is a practical oriented position that requires advanced knowledge of electrical principles and sound problem solving abilities to guarantee that electrical systems are properly installed and operate as designed.

To become an electrician one should complete a high school education and have good numerical and communication skills. Obtaining a degree is not required, however, an apprenticeship or vocational training program in electrical work can also be beneficial and can offer practical experience necessary for this job. Thus, if you are interested in entering this exciting field you should know that the training is not very long and you can start rather soon.

Being an electrician has its benefits because the workplace varies from residential wiring to the electrical contracting service. Moreover, the electrician’ profession is well sought after, which makes the job secure for those who choose this line of work. But it can also be very strenuous, which may mean that you are required to work at heights, in small spaces, or with heavy electrical equipment. Nevertheless, quite a number of electricians do like the job as it offers the satisfaction of fixing electrical issues, ensuring that buildings are safe and operational.

  1. Proofreader

Average Salary: $34 per hour

The proofreading career pays well, and you can work without the need for certification. Though some employers may require candidates with at least a High School Diploma or equivalent, the key requirements for the job are sharp eyesight, good grammar and spell check, and knowledge of style guides such as APA  or the MLA format.

In essence, as a proofreader, your main task is to read documents thoroughly and look for typos, grammatical errors, improper formatting, and breaches of style guides. This position involves careful attention to detail, good command of English, and the capacity to read and write well. As the need for quality content rises, proofreaders have the unique responsibility of checking the texts for errors and making them more refined. Proofreading is a highly specialized field, which, when done diligently and professionally, can turn out to be quite a lucrative business.


Altogether, these jobs are perfect for people who want to have a good paying job without having to spend years in college. There are a number of career possibilities depending on the interests and skills; these include sales and bookkeeping, graphic design, proofreading, etc. Although some of them need a certain level of certification or experience, many can be started with the essential training and the desire to develop. If you want to make a career switch or if you need an extra source of income, this article has shown you some jobs that can pay $30 an hour so you can start fresh. Do not forget to highlight your best skills, develop your competencies, and be committed on the way to becoming a professional in your sphere.

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