Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York

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Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York
Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York

Ranked fourth in popularity, psychology is one of the most desired degrees nationwide. Psychologists help people by studying how they think, interact with others, and grow over time. Different types of psychologists focus on various age groups, genders, and reasons why someone might need help. They can work with families, children, or older adults. Hence, picking the best school to study this course is important even though it can be tough.

Many schools offer a degree in Psychology if you live in New York and want to study psychology. Also, you can study psychology in person or online, but most programs have in-person classes. Interestingly, in New York, there are about 10,000 psychologist job openings. In this article, we will show you the top 10 best colleges to study psychology in New York, among other relevant information.

About a Career in Psychology in New York

Whether psychology is a good job in New York depends on a few things. On the positive side, New York has lots of job opportunities for psychologists, ranking fifth in the country for employing over 600 psychologists. There’s a steady flow of job openings, which is good news for psychologists looking for work. However, living in New York can be expensive. This might make it tough for psychologists to manage their money and live comfortably. Also, colleges in New York might have higher tuition fees because of the higher costs of running in the city.

Furthermore, how long it takes to finish your studies at psychology colleges in New York depends on the degree you want and the job you’re aiming for. For example, getting a bachelor’s degree usually takes about four years if you study full-time. But if you want to become a licensed psychologist, you’ll need an advanced degree like a Psy.D. or Ph.D. These doctoral programs can take 5 to 7 years, including classes, research, training, and a project. After that, you’ll need to do supervised training, which takes about 1-2 years or more. In New York, you’ll also need to pass some exams, like the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) and a state exam about psychology laws. So, from starting your bachelor’s degree to getting licensed in New York, it can take about 10-12 years or more. It’s important to plan your education carefully to meet all the requirements.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Psychology in New York?

The cost of psychology programs in New York depends on factors like whether you’re at a public or private school, what level of program you’re in (like bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral), and whether you’re a New York resident. For example, if you’re from New York, public schools tend to be cheaper. On average, in-state undergraduates might pay around $8,416 for tuition and fees, while out-of-state students might pay about $20,113.

Private universities, including some top ones for psychology, often charge more, but the bottom line is to compare costs. Look into the specific program and college you’re interested in to find out the exact expenses. Online programs can sometimes be cheaper than on-campus ones. Also, many schools offer financial aid like scholarships and assistantships, which can help make tuition more manageable for both in-state and out-of-state students. So, there are ways to make the financial side easier if you explore your options.

How do you Choose a Psychology Program in New York?

How do you Choose a Psychology Program in New York?

The college search for a psychology program in New York should involve a few points to consider to make an informed decision on the quality of your study.

  1. Accreditation: Always ensure that the program you are interested in is accredited, for example, by the American Psychological Association (APA). This provides a quality education respected by employers and other institutions.
  2. Good Faculty: Spend some time evaluating the faculty and its staff to ensure they are qualified and experienced. A diversified faculty can give you important insights and provide you with mentorship, which in turn helps you broaden your knowledge.
  3. Research Opportunities: Besides that, participation in research and interning are also significant decisions to help you choose the right psychology programs. Try to find programs that are engaging, like research participation, which can then serve as preparation for post-college involvement or a potential career in psychology.
  4. Cost Effectiveness: Tuition fees, books, materials, and living costs, particularly in an expensive city like New York, are to be considered. Moreover, check out scholarship and grant opportunities as well as student loans to reduce the amount of money you may owe later. If you choose to work part-time or paid internships while studying, you will likely earn enough money to offset this cost.

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Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York
Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York

Top 10 Best Colleges to Study Psychology in New York

  1. New York University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $80,286 (estimated cost)

New York University’s undergraduate psychology program is one of the best in the country because of its remarkable learning environment. The department has an academic staff of more than 50 competent lecturers and researchers who cover a wide range of psychology areas, from group behaviour to brain functions. What makes NYU unique is its focus on teaching by instructors who are leaders in the field of psychological research. This allows students to understand the basic concepts and be updated about the latest discoveries in the field.

Human behaviour and cognition are studied in NYU’s Department of Psychology from various perspectives. Cognitive psychologists look at processes such as perception, memory, and problem-solving, while social and personality psychologists delve into the effects of society on beliefs and decisions. Cognitive neuroscientists investigate brain workings in relation to mental processes, and developmental psychologists focus on growth and changes that occur in different life stages. Psychology courses, which are based on the scientific foundations of psychology, offer a variety of perspectives that are representative of their students. NYU has the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development, which is one of the career services that help students find employment after graduating.

  1.  Adelphi University

A picture of  Adelphi University in the city of New York
Adelphi University

Programs: Undergraduate, Accelerated Psychology (BA+MA)

Cost: $71,834 (estimated cost)

Adelphi University provides undergraduate psychology programs, such as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, and a Minor in Psychology. Such programs make it possible for students to use different resources and research opportunities. For those who are looking for low-cost options among the best colleges for psychology in New York, the accelerated program from Adelphi – General Psychology 4+1 Program – is good. This program gives students the opportunity to obtain both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Psychology in only five years, thus saving a year of tuition. Graduates of this dual degree program can be employed in a wide range of careers, such as mental health, healthcare, human resources, marketing, business, law and others. It is also a pathway for those who want to get a doctoral degree in research and teaching careers.

Students have the freedom to choose their areas of specialization, such as general psychology, human resource management, or substance abuse counselling, which increases their career prospects. The program is ideal for those who want to specialize in substance abuse treatment, human resources, or as a precursor for clinical studies. In a nutshell, here are the reasons you should study Psychology at Adelphi:

– Study in small classes with experienced faculty and get the chance to gain practical experience through internships in local organizations.

– Get into real research work by working directly with faculty through the Emerging Scholars Program, an intensive one-year independent study.

– Leaving with the necessary skills for a job or to continue in graduate school.

  1. Cornell University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $80,286 (estimated cost)

Cornell University has a broad choice of psychology programs which can be studied by undergraduates and graduates. The psychology department conducts theoretical and applied research aiming at improving health among people and their quality of life. The undergraduates can choose to focus on different fields like Behavioral Neuroscience, Perception, Cognition and Development, and Social/Personality Psychology, and there are plans to expand the curriculum further. A bachelor’s degree in Psychology provides students with fundamental knowledge in Psychological Science covering biological, cognitive, social-emotional, and developmental perspectives, and also with rigorous training in research methods and statistics.

Graduate students, including those pursuing M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, benefit from a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, with faculty expertise drawn from different departments. The graduate program currently focuses on three main areas: Cognitive/Behavioral and Evolutionary Neuroscience, Perception, Cognition and Development, and Social/Personality Psychology the present and may change in the future Neuroscience Cognition and Development and Social/Personality. These tailored services provide students with both the skills and training for roles as researchers, scholars, or educators in academic or research-oriented contexts.

  1. Syracuse University

Syracuse University
Syracuse University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $87,688 (estimated cost)

Syracuse University offers different psychology programs for undergraduate and graduate students as well and it has become one of the best schools among the New York State colleges to study psychology. Undergraduate level options include taking up a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). A.  ) or a B.  S.  in Psychology. Furthermore, students can opt for minor programs in Psychology and Cognitive Science or can take an Integrated Learning Major (ILM) in Neuroscience. The B.S. degree has extra science and math requirements. These programs offer various student interests, covering a lot of psychology subjects and interdisciplinary research in cognitive science.

The ILM in Neuroscience covers a lot about how brains work and involves different parts of the university. If you want to get a Ph.D. degree in things like Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, School Psychology, or Social Psychology, Syracuse University is a good place to go. These programs involve both classes and working with professors on research. Students can get help with money through assistantships and fellowships, and they expect them to do research and share it by writing articles and presenting at conferences. They only take full-time students for the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, and they don’t offer a separate Master’s degree program.

  1. Columbia University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $85,967 (estimated cost)

Columbia University’s psychology department is well-known in the US. It offers good programs for both undergraduates and graduates. Undergraduates learn about psychological science and prepare for further studies or jobs. The department focuses on doing well academically, with honors programs, advanced classes, and research opportunities to help students learn to research, think critically, and be ethical.

The graduate program mainly focuses on PhD students and pushes research, teaching, and scholarly work in behavioural neuroscience and cognition. They like students to do research in different parts of psychology to learn more. Graduate students start research early, do less classwork, and can customize their studies. Columbia usually has 30 to 40 graduate students and helps with funding. Many graduates go into teaching, but they also find jobs in research outside of school.

  1. Fordham University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $58,082 (estimated cost)

Fordham University’s Psychology Department offers an undergraduate major across its three colleges and five graduate programs, including those focused on applied psychology, clinical research, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and psychometrics. The department is committed to addressing past unfairness and inequality in the field and education in general. They’re dedicated to making their classrooms, labs, and spaces more inclusive for everyone, especially those who have been marginalized before. Their goal is to create a community where every voice matters, regardless of background. They also support psychology initiatives that tackle unfairness in society, education, and health, locally and globally. They continuously reflect on their practices and engage in open dialogue to improve the situation for everyone.

  1. Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University located in New York
Yeshiva University

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $35,912 (estimated cost)

Yeshiva College’s undergraduate psychology program has a clear goal: to prepare students for their future careers and studies. The program desires that students understand psychology well and know how to use it in different jobs. Students are encouraged to see how psychology can help make society better.

The program also wants students to be active in psychology. Thus, they give students chances to do their own research on important questions in psychology. Students learn how to come up with research questions, plan studies, collect and analyze data, and make sense of it all. Through doing research work themselves, students learn a lot about how science works and gain skills they can use in many areas. Also, the graduate program at Ferkauf Graduate School is one of the best in the country. They offer doctorate and master’s programs focused on psychology, counseling, and education. Their goal is to prepare students to make a real difference in people’s lives.

  1. University of Rochester

Programs: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Cost: $63,150

The University of Rochester has a top-notch psychology program that teaches students a lot about psychological theories, research methods, and statistics. What’s special about this program is how it involves students in research right from the beginning, sometimes starting as early as freshman year. This hands-on approach lets students get real experience and build relationships with their professors.

The psychology department at the University of Rochester offers a variety of interesting courses covering different areas, such as Motivation and Emotion, Social Cognitive Neuroscience, and Clinical Neuropsychology. They also have classes that combine psychology with other subjects like neuroscience, linguistics, and engineering, giving students a chance to see how psychology connects with different fields.

Outside of class, students can join the Undergraduate Psychology Council for support from peers and to take part in events and volunteering. They can also get involved with the Meliora Psychology Review, an online journal run by undergraduates, where they can learn about publishing research and the editorial process. Located near healthcare facilities and research centers, the University of Rochester gives students lots of chances for real-world experience through internships, part-time jobs, and volunteering. These opportunities are great for students interested in mental health services, research, or related careers.

  1. Barnard College

Programs: Undergraduate Programs

Cost: $28,500 (estimate)

The Barnard Psychology Department has helped lots of smart students over the years. It usually begins with a course on the Introduction to Psychology, which sparks an interest that drives students to learn more. They take classes on different topics, taught by really smart professors who become mentors. In addition to lectures, students also do lab work and research, and they have to complete a big project in their senior year. Many students team up with professors on their own research projects, and some even get their work published. There are lots of chances for students to help out in labs during the semester or over the summer, which helps them learn more and get ready for future jobs in psychology.

  1. Colgate University

Colgate University
Colgate University

Programs: Undergraduate Programs

Cost: $57,695 (estimate)

At Colgate University, the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences offers majors and minors in Psychological Science, as well as a major in Neuroscience through its interdisciplinary program. They teach the study of sensation, motivation, perception, cognition, language, development, personality, psychological disorders, and social behavior using scientific methods. Their approach spans from exploring genes and cells to understanding individual and also group dynamics. Students explore thought-provoking questions across various levels, from the complexities of the brain to observable behaviors and beyond.


With a degree in psychology, individuals can pursue various career paths of their choice. However, certain professions may require a master’s degree or higher in psychology, increasing employment opportunities. Numerous psychology programs are available for students in New York. If you are looking for a college with a good psychology program, then we hope this article has been of tremendous help to you.


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