The 10 Best Online UX Design Courses in 2024

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The 10 Best Online UX Design Courses in 2024
In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 online courses for UX design. Each course will be briefly summarized to help you determine which one aligns best with your personal and professional objectives.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a UX designer in the U.S. is $127,170 and there were more than 2,000 positions posted on the website at the time of writing, showing the thriving nature of the field of UX design.

The 10 Best Online UX Design Courses in 2024

Top 10 Courses for UX Design:

1. Coursera

Price: $39

Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga leads Coursera’s Introduction to User Experience Design, a free and user-friendly course on UX design developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of UX design through a combination of lecture videos, readings, and quizzes. It offers a quick and relatively thorough understanding of the subject without a heavy emphasis on practical application.

The classes are highly captivating, and the syllabus of the course is easy to understand and direct.

The course can be completed entirely online in approximately six hours. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion that can be showcased on LinkedIn to demonstrate your participation.

2. Skillshare

Price: The cost for a basic membership on Skillshare is nothing, while a premium membership is priced at $1 for the first two months and then $19 per month (or $99 annually).

If you are interested in trying out UX design without committing to a large investment, Skillshare could be a suitable option. Skillshare focuses on equipping individuals with creative skills through short lessons that can be accessed from anywhere. It allows for free registration and access on both web and mobile platforms.

A membership with Skillshare offers complete access to the Premium catalogue consisting of over 20,000 classes, in addition to offline viewing and other features.

On the platform, there is a wide range of free UX design lessons for users to select from, such as the Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability course. This class provides the necessary frameworks, tools, and strategies to create an exceptional user experience in just 90 minutes, including hands-on project guidance.

3. UX Academy

Price: Monthly payment options for $7,649.

The Beginner UX Design Course offered by UX Academy includes interactive online lessons on a weekly basis and maintains small class sizes. This course will provide you with a strong foundation in user experience and empower you to take on ambitious and creative projects.

This eight-week, part-time program is led by exceptional tutors who are committed to supporting your success. It will provide you with all the necessary tools for excelling in UX design.

4. Interaction Design Foundation

Price: €11

The following course on the list is the User Experience: The Beginners Guide by the highly renowned Interaction Design Foundation. This is a course on UX design that is available for free with a monthly membership fee of €11.

In this seven-week online course, participants will be introduced to the various aspects of user experience design, including usability principles and visual design.

In the course, you will also be exposed to examples of both effective and ineffective UX design in order to enhance your abilities.

This course provides an overview of user experience while also including content from other courses offered by the company. It serves as an introduction to the subject and gives a glimpse into the more comprehensive courses available.

Following every lesson, you will be directed to the available courses related to a particular topic that has sparked your curiosity.

5. LinkedIn Learning

Price: Enjoy a complimentary first month, then continue with a premium subscription for €39.33 per month.

LinkedIn is an online learning platform that operates on a subscription model and offers more than 4,000 courses instructed by professionals in their respective fields.

The courses are divided into chapters and separate videos, with an average duration of five minutes each.

One of the most in-demand courses on the platform is the nine-hour Advance Your Skills in UX Design course, which is ideal for individuals seeking to improve and broaden their UX design abilities and bolster their portfolio.

New users on LinkedIn Learning are given a complimentary month, after which they can opt for a premium subscription.

6. Udemy

Price: €24.99

The next course to be featured on Udemy, a well-known learning platform, is the “User Experience Design Fundamentals Course” taught by Joe Natoli. It is an ideal choice for those seeking to understand the fundamentals of UX design without spending too much money.

This ten-hour course is comprised of on-demand videos and practical assignments that will reinforce your learning. By the end, you will have a comprehensive grasp of UX principles, ranging from research to strategy implementation.

7. SuperHi

Price: The introductory course is priced at $149.

The goal of SuperHi’s User Experience Design course is to educate novice individuals on the necessary abilities for designing practical and user-friendly experiences.

Even though the course costs only $149, students will still learn the fundamentals of an iterative UX design process, such as conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, designing UI, and testing with users. This includes following a 5-point roadmap for research projects, as outlined in this blog post.

This course is a viable and cost-effective option for individuals seeking to jumpstart their careers in UX design or for non-digital designers interested in designing websites or applications. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the field, making it easily accessible for all.

8. General Assembly

Price: $15,950

If you are new to the industry or have prior experience and desire to establish your skills, consider enrolling in General Assembly’s comprehensive UX design program, designed for beginners.

This online course follows a strict schedule, requiring students to attend full-time with set class times from Monday to Friday for a duration of 12 weeks.

The course covers essential UX methods, including wireframing and prototyping, and also covers trending subjects such as service design and design leadership.

If you are willing to pay a higher price and desire a classroom setting without the hassle of commuting, this course might be a suitable choice for you.

9. Designlab

Price: $7,249 to $9,677

DesignLab provides the opportunity to learn in-demand UX design skills through self-paced learning with a variety of options, including full-time and part-time online courses.

Individuals interested in transitioning into a career in UX design can consider enrolling in DesignLab’s UX Design Academy, a comprehensive online program that provides novices with the necessary UX design abilities and professional guidance to secure a position in the industry.

Upon completion of the course, a designated career coach will be available to support and advise students during their job search journey.

10. Springboard

Price: $13,860

The Springboard UX Design Bootcamp is a 9-month course designed for individuals who are new to the highly sought-after industry. This self-paced program is divided into four parts and is available entirely online.

The Bootcamp begins by covering the fundamentals of UX and then gradually delves into more complex subjects, all taught by multiple professionals in the field. Upon completion of the program, you will have a robust collection of projects to showcase to prospective employers.

Taking the Springboard course is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge in UX design and kickstart your professional journey in this area. Nevertheless, considering its relatively high price, it is crucial to thoroughly investigate and confirm its suitability for your needs.

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Becoming a UX designer does not have any strict requirements; however, employers typically favor candidates with some educational background and a means to demonstrate their expertise. Participating in UX design courses, workshops, and boot camps is an effective method of acquiring the necessary skills and tools for a thriving career in UX design.


Which course is recommended for UX design?

Online, there are multiple options for UX design courses, with the most suitable ones depending on your level of skill and educational goals. Some highly-rated courses are CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program, DesignLab’s UX Design Academy, and the UX Design Courses offered by the Interaction Design Foundation.

What are the necessary qualifications for becoming a UX designer?

Although there are no specific qualifications needed to pursue a career as a UX designer, many employers prefer candidates who have a formal education and a means of demonstrating their expertise. Taking UX design courses, attending workshops, and participating in bootcamps are excellent methods for acquiring the necessary skills and tools for a thriving UX design career.

Is it worth taking UX design courses?

In the current technology-focused environment, possessing expertise in UX design can greatly benefit one’s career.

Although it is feasible to self-learn UX design, enrolling in a course is an excellent method to acquire the necessary knowledge for entering the industry and starting your career.

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