List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024

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List of Fully funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024
Fully funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024

Australia is a popular place for international students to study because it has many benefits, such as a safe environment, warm weather, affordable education, and, most importantly, scholarship programs that are fully funded by both the Australian Government and private institutions. This Southern Hemisphere country is between the Pacific and Indian seas and is also a continent. It is known for its beautiful culture and always being friendly to visitors from other countries.

One interesting change for international students is that many Australian universities no longer require IELTS scores. This is good news for students who would rather not go that way. However, this permission might need the student to show other proof that they can speak and write English well. Here, we talk about some fully funded programs in Australia that don’t require IELTS.

Why You Must Consider Australia for Your Higher Education

Consider Australia if you want a world-class education and a wide range of job and research possibilities. Because top universities like the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, and the University of Sydney offer fully funded Australian grants that are just as good as the best in the US, Canada, China, or Europe. That’s why I think Australia is the best place for foreign students to go in 2024.

List of Fully funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024
Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024

16 List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Australia Without IELTS 2024

Below is our list of fully funded scholarships in Australia that don’t require IELTS:

1. Australia RTP Research Scholarships

All academic fields and majors are eligible to apply for the scholarships, which are intended to help students pursue postgraduate degree programs. Scholarship opportunities are offered by the Australian Government for students interested in the fields of engineering, computer science, mathematics, health sciences, arts, and professions. All of the costs will be entirely covered by the scholarship.

2. Australia Awards Scholarships

Studying in Australia is made possible by the Australia Awards Scholarship 2024, which is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Australian Government. For those individuals who have been anticipating the arrival of a fully funded bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral scholarship in the year 2023, here it is. You are now able to submit an application for the Australia Awards Scholarship, which will give you the opportunity to complete your degree program at one of the most prestigious universities in Australia; this opportunity is now available to you.

3. University of Adelaide Scholarships

Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for scholarships through the Adelaide Scholarship for international students. These scholarships allow students to study for a Master’s degree or Doctoral degree at the University of Adelaide in Australia, which is well acknowledged as performing very well in the fields of education and research. Providing a university culture that is both creative and inspired, as well as one that places a high value on health, safety, and well-being as fundamental components of the work environment, supported by safe systems of work, appropriate governance, training, management structures, and operational strategies, is the primary objective of the University of Adelaide. In order to be eligible for the Adelaide scholarship, candidates must hold a degree that is equivalent to or higher than a first-class honors degree.


4. University of New South Wales Scholarships

There are many scholarships and awards at UNSW to help international undergraduate and graduate coursework students start full-time studies there. One of these is the International Scientia Coursework Scholarship.

5. Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

For high-quality higher degree research candidates, the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) International Scholarship pays for their education and gives them money to live on.

6. Central Queensland University Scholarships

There is a Central Queensland University Scholarship for a lot of different academic areas that the university offers. The program covers all of the costs of the studies, so it’s a great chance for foreign students to get a scholarship.

7. Bond University Scholarships

Bond University Scholarships 2024–2025 are grants for foreign students that pay for part of their education. These grants are only for people who are in their first year of college. Students who get this scholarship don’t have to pay for half of their education.

Bond University has grants that cover the cost of tuition for students who are academically successful and live outside of Australia but want to study at the undergraduate level.

8. Destination Australia Scholarships

The Destination Australia Scholarships program is a structured way for tertiary education providers to get money to give scholarships to foreign and domestic students who want to study and live in regional Australia. For the 2023–2024 entries, the application process starts through qualified providers.

9. James Cook University Scholarships

With the JCU International Excellence Scholarship, students can get a 25% discount on their tuition fees for as long as they are enrolled in an approved full-degree program and keep a high GPA each term.

During the JCU admissions process, scholarship eligibility is checked immediately. Those who are qualified will get an offer for their chosen program of study and the International Excellence Scholarship at the same time.

10. University of New England Scholarships

The UNE foreign Bursary is meant to help pay for some of the annual tuition costs for foreign students who want to study full-time at UNE in 2023. Applying to UNE does not, however, ensure that students will be given the bursary.

11. Global Excellence Scholarships

If you want to study in Australia in 2024, undergraduates can get up to AUD$48,000* over four years or AUD$36,000* over three years in scholarships. Postgraduates can get up to AUD$24,000* over two years in scholarships for eligible classes.

12. Monash University International Scholarships

The Monash University Scholarship 2024–2025 is a scholarship for foreign students that pays for everything. You can use this scholarship to pay for study for your Master’s or doctoral degree. This scholarship includes a $39,820 living allowance per year, a $550 moving allowance, and a $1,500 research allowance per year.

13. University of Sydney International Scholarships

The University of Sydney Scholarship 2024–2025 is a scholarship for foreign students that pays for their whole master’s or PhD program. This grant pays for both tuition and a living stipend. Scholarship amount of $40,000, to be paid over one year in two equal parts.

14. University of Western Australia Scholarships

International students can get University of Western Australia Scholarships 2024–2025 that pay for part of their education. You can use these grants for both undergraduate and graduate school. If you want to study in Australia, you might be able to get up to AUD$45,000 for college studies and up to AUD$30,000 for graduate studies to help pay for school.


15. Macquarie University International Scholarships

The Macquarie University Scholarship 2024–2025 is a scholarship for foreign students that pays for their education. This scholarship is for both college and graduate school. The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship at Macquarie University gives out an average of AUD 10,000.

16. Deakin University Scholarships

The Australian Government pays for the RTP scholarships (which used to be called APA), and Deakin University pays for the DUPR scholarships. Both awards are open to students in the United States and other countries. Only people who got the highest score will be given an RTP.


What is the minimum score for an IELTS scholarship?

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you will need to get a score of 6.5 on your IELTS exam. It is also possible for individuals who already possess or are currently pursuing a postgraduate degree to apply for the scholarship through the British Council.

How can I get a full scholarship in Australia?

In Australia, scholarships are awarded based on need, merit, student concentration, or course focus. Depending on the student’s characteristics, the Australian scholarship amount varies from $2000 to 100% of the tuition. In the nation, doctoral degrees are typically fully supported.

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