8 Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

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8 Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore
Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city known for its fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle, is witnessing an increase in the demand for delivery services. From food and groceries to packages and parcels, the need for efficient and reliable delivery professionals has never been more pressing. If you’re looking for a job that offers flexibility, autonomy, and a sense of satisfaction, a delivery job in Bangalore could be the perfect fit. With various companies and platforms to choose from, this article will guide you through the best delivery jobs in Bangalore, helping you find the one that suits your skills, interests, and lifestyle. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply looking for a new challenge, get ready to discover the opportunities that await you in Bangalore.

What is a Delivery Job?

A delivery job requires the individual to drive and deliver products to warehouses, shipping companies, retailers, or even consumers. This category includes delivery drivers and couriers among others. Delivery drivers usually drive large vehicles such as vans and trucks to transport goods and packages from one place to another, including long distances. They transport documents and small packages within the city by car, motorbike, or bike. Of course, to become a delivery driver, one must have a driver’s license and be able to drive. Other requirements that most employers consider are a clean driving record, reliability and efficiency in managing time and traffic etc. Physically fitness might be required in order to lift and transport parcels from one’s vehicle to the recipients’ premises.

Tips on Becoming a Delivery Driver in Bangalore

  1. Research

Delivery driver opportunities in Bangalore are numerous with brands like Swiggy, Amazon, etc searching for delivery drivers. For this purpose, one should begin with an online search of these companies in order to learn about their needs and offerings. Also, there are numerous online resources with advice and recommendations for Bangalore delivery drivers, such as this article. You may find job vacancies and information about employer preferences on popular portals such as Indeed or Glassdoor.

  1. Equip Yourself Properly

It is also important to have the right tools when working as a delivery driver in Bangalore to be successful. A scooter or a bicycle is usually the most suitable mode of transport due to traffic in the city. Also, every person needs a smartphone to navigate and communicate and a helmet is required for your safety while riding. Furthermore, wearing gloves and having a high-visibility jacket can be useful in case of have to stay on the road for a long time. Since the climate of Bangalore is not stable, it’s always wise to carry something for rain. A power bank can also come in handy to ensure the phone is charged during the day to offer constant communication and productivity.

  1. Learn how to Relate with Customers

Punctuality and being polite when delivering the products is very vital especially in Bangalore markets. As highlighted earlier, reliability is important, which means organizing your routes properly to deliver products on time. It is recommended that the customers be treated with courtesy and a smiling face in order to improve their experience with you. This is essential, especially if you are going to be delayed. In such a case, the customers should be informed to avoid building up unrealistic expectations. As a delivery driver, you should know that proper planning of your time can influence your efficiency greatly.

  1. Obtain Certification

Getting certified will help you stand out from other drivers. Search for local certification programs that are accepted by major courier companies. It may comprise courses like road safety, customer service, and efficient delivery. Certification can help in employment because it can attract employers and may lead to better job offers. Certification can also help advance your career, increase your visibility and credibility to prospective employers and thereby increase your pay.

  1. Don’t Panic

Traffic is a problem in Bangalore and sometimes the job itself can be quite exhausting. Managing the pressure is, therefore, key to achieving success. Organize your work by arranging your working schedule according to location and the necessity of making deliveries. Another way is staying flexible and prepared for changes in the delivery schedules or routes in order to organize the work more efficiently. It is imperative to remain professional at all times, be it driving stuck in traffic or dealing with a difficult client. Maintaining one’s composure and acting professionally will improve one’s credibility, thus resulting in better job satisfaction.

8 Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore
Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

8 Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

  1. Delivery Boy

Pay: ₹250,000 – ₹400,000 a year

Company: Big Bee Consultant/ Big Basket

Big Basket currently has an opportunity for committed and reliable bike riders to become delivery personnel for the company in Bangalore. Your major duty will involve the transport of grocery products from the Big Basket HUB to the customers in a safe and efficient manner. There is the availability of both full-time and part-time work for your convenience sake. To ensure timely delivery, you will use an Android mobile phone with a navigation application to find the quickest routes. Promising weekly on-time payments to your bank account, Big Basket provides an opportunity to earn up to INR 40,000 per month with a mandatory 10-hour work shift. Years of experience necessary can be from 0 up to 6 years. Become a Delivery Partner with Big Basket and be a member of a passionate team that is transforming the grocery delivery services in Bangalore.


  1. Delivery Partner/Delivery Executive

Pay: ₹20,000 – ₹60,000 a month

Company: Swiggy

Being a Delivery Partner/Delivery Executive at Swiggy, you are supposed to receive food items from restaurants and deliver them to the clients safely and on time. It is possible to work as a part-time employee, a full-time employee or during the weekends. You will use an Android mobile phone with Google Maps in order to determine the shortest delivery time. To do this, you will need an Android phone with the specified version. You will also need a bike, which should be insured, and possess a valid Driving License/Learner License, PAN Card, one Identity Proof, either AADHAAR or Voter ID, and a bank account. On compensation and benefits, they pay on time weekly and directly deposit to your bank account. You can earn anywhere between Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 per month with additional bonuses like a Joining Bonus, Referral Bonus, and incentives. This work location is in person, which means that you are physically involved in the delivery process.


  1. Delivery Executive

Pay: ₹10,000 – ₹25,000 a month

Company: Clenet Tech Private Limited

Clenet Tech Private Limited is looking for a new Delivery Executive to come and work for them. The ideal candidate will have the responsibility of making sure customers receive their products safely and on time. As a driver, you are expected to perform the pickup and delivery of goods following the set schedules and routes. Some of your responsibilities will be to confirm addresses and to collect signatures for deliveries made.

In this position, it is important to constantly dress neatly and appropriately while communicating with customers. You will also be required to ensure good customer relations in that you will have to attend to any complaints arising from the delivery services. Compliance with all the safety requirements and company guidelines needs to be observed in order to provide proper delivery services. Moreover, you are expected to carry out any other duties that may be assigned to you by the management of the delivery team.

The candidate should have a high school education or its equivalent qualification. This position requires the holder to possess a valid driver’s license and have no record of any violations on the road. The candidate must be able to function effectively both individually and in a group environment for this position. Working hours are also flexible and the employee may be required to work during weekends and holidays in order to meet the delivery schedule.

APPLY: Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume to hari@dudes.co.in

  1. Forex Delivery Executive

Pay: ₹14,000 – ₹15,000 a month

Company: Daspan Forex PVT. LTD.

The main responsibility for this position is that you will have to ensure quality delivery services accompanied by excellent customer relations to promote customer satisfaction. This position requires careful planning, strong interpersonal skills, and a focus on safety and security measures. You also have to know how to transport currency, forex cards, and other financial products to customers’ addresses, check the customer’s identification, and obtain signatures and documentation required for transactions. You will also be expected to ensure the safety of financial products during transportation and delivery, as well as document delivery records and transactions, besides responding to customers’ delivery concerns.

It is a permanent position that offers an opportunity for career advancement in the organization. The working hours will be during the day, and additional pay types may include performance incentives and annual incentives. Candidates who possess formal qualifications other than a diploma and those with at least one year of total working experience are welcome to apply. The ideal candidate should be fluent in English, and the work will be done physically at the workplace.



  1. Delivery Executive

Pay: ₹15,000 – ₹16,000 a month

Company: Aspire Technologies

Aspire Technologies requires a Delivery Executive who must have one-year experience in delivery or a similar job, must be able to read and write and know the local language. Furthermore, they must have a clean driving record and a valid driver’s license, knowledge of the area, and good communication and interpersonal skills. Other requirements important for the job include the ability to work independently, perform physical activities, and be reliable and punctual. Performance bonuses may be categorized as supplemental pay types if applicable. Some questions that candidates will be expected to answer during the application process include whether they own a two-wheeler among others.


  1. Delivery Boy/Girl

Pay: Up to ₹18,000.00 per month

Company: Silverien Business Solutions

Silverien Business Solutions is in search of delivery personnel for a courier company. It is a full time permanent position with a pay scale of up to 18000.00 per month. The position offers several perks such as allowances for cell phone use, transportation, health and life insurance. The shifts involve day and morning shifts. Other incentives are commission and performance bonuses. Your total work experience should be at least one year and a knowledge of Hindi is desirable.


  1. Grocery Delivery Person

Pay: ₹20,000 – ₹40,000 a month

Company: Namaste Free Placement Service

Namaste Free Placement Service has jobs for people in the Blue Collar category. The service not only helps people in finding proper jobs but also helps them to support them in their careers. In this position, people will be required to bring groceries, be on time and do so without disrespecting the customer. This means that delivery orders should not be canceled or altered in any way possible. Candidates have to own a bike, scooter, or cycle, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, driving license, and a Smartphone. They should also be able to read and follow delivery routes.

Other incentives include short distance orders, rotational, flexible shift, medical and life insurance, single store operation, and joining bonus. There are also vendors for renting out e-bikes and free hostel and food will be provided for the first six weeks in Gunjur. This position is available at several popular locations for grocery delivery in Bangalore namely at Arekere, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, Basavanagudi Basavanapura, etc.


  1. Courier Boy/Girl

Pay: ₹30,000 – ₹40,000 a month

Company: Delhivery.com

Delhivery is currently in the process of recruiting courier boys and girls to serve in their company. This position entails the delivery of packages and the opportunity to earn up to ₹40,000 every month. The expected working hours are about 9 hours per week on average. Also, previous experience of one year in a similar position is ideal but not essential. Knowledge of the Kannada language is also desirable. Furthermore, candidates should possess an Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. This position is a work-from-home job, which means that candidates can work from anywhere they find convenient.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Delivery Jobs in Bangalore

Q1. Which delivery job gives you the most money?

The highest paying delivery job, according to ZipRecruiter, is a Home Delivery Driver, with a salary range of $180,000 to $195,000 per year.

Q2. How much salary is enough to stay in Bangalore?

A monthly wage of INR 50000 to INR 60000 is adequate to live in Bangalore comfortably, although this can depend on one’s expenditure habits, choices, and district within the city.

Q3. Is Bangalore cheaper than Mumbai?

In terms of cost, Mumbai has been ranked as one of the costliest places to live in India given the high costs of accommodation, food, and even transport. On the other hand, Bangalore is comparatively cheaper as far as accommodation, eating out, and recreational activities are concerned.


Bangalore offers various delivery job opportunities with competitive salaries and benefits from delivery boys to delivery executive. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time role, there’s a delivery job in Bangalore that suits your needs. You should take advantage of these opportunities and apply for the best delivery jobs in Bangalore today. You should, however, note that the best job is the one that is suitable for your needs at a particular time, so the ball is in your court!

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