10 Highest-Paying Retail Jobs in the USA

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10 Highest-paying Retail Jobs in the USA

The retail sector offers a diverse range of career opportunities, but some positions stand out for their lucrative compensation packages. If you’re passionate about customer service, sales, and retail management, you will be interested in knowing that certain roles in this field can provide a substantial income. In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest-paying retail jobs in USA, providing valuable insights for both entry-level and experienced professionals looking to advance their careers in the retail sector.

Who is a Retail Worker?

Retail workers interact with shoppers to educate them about products, guide them on where to find the products they want and respond to any inquiries or complaints. Normally found in organizations involved in the sale of clothes, groceries or other products, retail employees are involved in sales and customer service. Their main objective is to tailor the shopping experience by offering relevant and efficient help. They must be able to respond to customers’ questions and help customers make the right purchase decisions. Since they are involved in helping customers locate products and addressing their concerns, retail employees create a loyal customer base that is vital for business success in the retail industry.

10 Highest-paying Retail Jobs in the USA

  1. Loss Prevention Manager

Annual average salary: $60,819

The role of loss prevention managers is paramount in retail as they are responsible for the minimisation of profit loss through shrinkage. Thus, their main purpose is to reduce such losses. They are responsible for managing anti-shoplifting and anti-vandalism procedures and for examining instances of accidental product destruction. It involves aspects such as staff training, technological solutions for monitoring, and investigation when an incident occurs. Loss prevention managers also create plans for averting merchandise loss, spoilage, or destruction and educate staff on safety and loss control measures. In large retail environments, they might work as area, district, or regional managers, each of which encompasses a wider range of responsibilities. In theft cases, they investigate and arrest the suspect, and they then formulate or modify measures to avoid future occurrences.

Applicants for this role should possess a minimum of a GED, while some employers may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or criminal justice. Skills in security, loss prevention, and management are desired, and certifications such as the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) will also be of benefit. Also, knowledge of security system technologies and administrative software is valuable to be considered for the role.

  1. Purchasing Manager

Annual average salary: $83,224

In retail, purchasing managers play a role in identifying and acquiring products to ensure that stores and supermarkets are adequately stocked. They are responsible for defining the products to be sourced, bargaining on prices with the brands, and developing the sourcing policies. They also arrange supplies from the suppliers and oversee a team of purchasing officers or buyers. This job is one of the best-paid positions in a retail store. Noteworthy, a purchasing manager establishes a good relationship with suppliers to ensure that stock is replenished. This entails making contracts and searching for new suppliers. They can also go to suppliers to evaluate the quality of products before they make the contracts.

To qualify for this position, a candidate should have at least five years of experience in procurement. However, other positions may require a high school diploma, while others may require a bachelor’s degree in finance, business or supply management. Other certifications useful include the Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), and the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM).

  1. Customer Service Supervisor

Annual average salary: $64,000

A customer service supervisor is a frontline manager with direct oversight of the customer service representatives and responsibility for the resolution of complex customer complaints and concerns. This position usually involves a high chance of being promoted to a higher level of management, and this is why it is considered a strategic position when it comes to career advancement in the retail industry.

The daily operations of a customer service supervisor involve supervising a group of workers to provide service to customers in line with company policy. Some other responsibilities include recruitment, onboarding, and training of new employees in customer service. For instance, they may welcome customers, respond to inquiries, resolve issues, assist in product searches, and handle returns.

Customer service supervisors are also vested with more tasks like managing the department, formulating and implementing policies, and setting goals and objectives together with the administrative management. They handle refunds and returns, respond to product-related complaints, and explain the terms and conditions of a product.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the employment of customer service supervisors to increase by 6% from the year 2022 to 2032, with around 3,500 job openings annually. However, the job of customer service representatives is expected to reduce by 5% in the same period, but it will provide around 373400 job opportunities annually. Noteworthy, for this position, the ideal candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Candidates with prior work experience in management, finance, or administrative positions are preferred. Often, it is necessary to have work experience as a customer service supervisor, team leader, or representative for five to ten years. The key skills required include communication, problem-solving, and negotiating.

  1. Cosmetics Manager

Annual average salary: $52,750

A cosmetics manager is responsible for managing the functionality of the beauty department while paying attention to stocks and customers. They usually supervise a team of beauty consultants while offering instructions on the methods approved by beauty brands and dealing with challenging inquiries. They are responsible for recruiting new consultants, managing the inventory of products, and managing the operations of the department.

Employed at beauty supply shops or cosmetics divisions within department stores, cosmetics managers advise customers regarding which products to purchase and how to properly apply them. They deal with sales and regular customer relations, but they also assist customers in properly handling the products. Several attributes are important for success in this role, including product knowledge and customer service skills.

Additionally, this job position often calls for at least a high school diploma or an associate’s degree in business and a good understanding of beauty products. Candidates should be good communicators and have a pleasing personality. Prior experience in retail, customer service or training as a beauty advisor, esthetician or cosmetologist is desirable.


  1. Store Manager

Annual average salary: $53,002

A store manager supervises and manages a retail facility and is responsible for the overall management of the store. This job position entails the recruitment, training, and evaluation of employees, as well as controlling and coordinating the finances, keeping records, and guaranteeing that the store achieves its sales targets. They are responsible for employee assignment, addressing customers’ grievances that might have been referred to them, and observing activities within the store to ensure compliance with the company’s policies.

Also, they help to facilitate communication between the retail staff and customers while promoting a positive shopping experience and compliance with the department’s policies. As a store manager, other key duties include handling financial documents, developing organizational schedules for the representatives, and decision-making processes involving customers’ feedback and organizational policies. The store managers also strive to meet sales goals and ensure a high standard of service delivery.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  employment is expected to have a 4. 2% employment growth for retail store managers through 2032, which will create an estimated 147,300 positions during that period. The requirements for this job include a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or any related field. A master’s degree or a Retail Management Certificate would be useful. Some states require special certification for managing stores that sell hot foods, tobacco, or alcohol. Finally, the nature of the work of a store manager calls for leadership skills, at least a minimum understanding of finance, and the ability to manage employees and customers.

  1. Pharmacy Technician

Annual average salary: $34,085

A pharmacy technician is a person who works under the supervision of pharmacists to help in the preparation and distribution of drugs. They dispense medication under the supervision of a registered pharmacist and ensure that prescriptions are accurately measured, packaged, and labelled according to legal requirements. They also order supplies, manage inventory, and process payments. In retail settings, pharmacy technicians gather the details of the patient and discuss the insurance coverage with the customer. They also collect relevant information for prescription forms, manage stock, and refer customers to the pharmacist when needed. In addition to their primary responsibilities, they may also provide help with customer relations and cashier responsibilities, which can make their position more dynamic.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to rise at a rate of 6% until 2032, with around 44,900 new slots annually. Also, the minimum education that is necessary for one to become a pharmacy technician is a high school education. Some may pursue a post-secondary pharmacy technology program. More often, on-the-job training is used to acquire the necessary skills to perform the tasks. Besides, almost all states have guidelines concerning the formal education, training, or examination that pharmacy technicians should undergo before practicing. Additionally, this position requires organization, strong administrative skills, multitasking skills, and a focus on delivering the best customer care and support.

  1. Sales Associate

Annual average salary: $45,850.

A sales associate helps the customers locate the products and make the right decisions concerning the purchase. They welcome customers, respond to inquiries, navigate store areas to find products, and order items that are not in stock. They are also involved in handling cash registers and other financial matters. They are responsible for increasing sales through suggestive selling, interacting with the customers and demonstrating knowledge of products.

Similar to the cashiers’ duties, in department stores, sales associates are responsible for processing payments, tracking inventory and restocking. They are indispensable to assist clients in dealing with their concerns, primarily acting as the frontline staff in the retail setting. Even though overall employment of retail sales workers is expected to decrease by 2 percent in the time range of 2022-2032, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 563,000 job opportunities per year will arise because of the workers’ attrition and the necessity to refill the vacant positions.

Sales associates are still in demand, and applicants do not require any formal education. However, there may be minimum requirements for applicants, such as having a high school diploma or a GED. Also, training is often given to enable the new employees to learn about the products that they are hired to sell. Sales associate roles might yield greater salaries and potential for promotions to positions requiring management or supervisory responsibilities, which might require a college education.

Noteworthy, this job position requires good interpersonal communication, effective customer relationship skills, product knowledge, and basic mathematical computation. This shows that applicants can effectively interact with customers and also sell, which makes them an asset to any retail team.

  1. Jewellery Designer

Annual average salary: $72,500

Jewellers use their art and craftsmanship skills to fashion rings, necklaces and earrings from metals and stones. They have to know the characteristics of the materials used and have profound knowledge concerning jewellery tools and processes. This job involves forging, casting, finishing and joining metals with the aim of developing various designs. Besides hands-on craftsmanship, jewellery designers also employ computer-aided design (CAD) when designing and modifying samples. This is useful because it enables them to perfect their designs on the computer before prototyping the products. In order to create elaborate jewellery, it is important to be proficient in both conventional handwork and digital computer-aided design.

It, therefore, requires a combination of art and craftsmanship for one to design jewellery. The most successful jewellery designers are often artists or designers who may have received professional training in jewellery manufacturing. As was highlighted earlier, CAD skills have become more and more relevant in contemporary jewellery design processes. Jewellery designers need creativity, technical skills, and attention to detail that will help them translate their concepts into stunning design pieces.

  1. General Manager

Annual average salary: $89,240

A general manager supervises tasks and processes in various departments, outlets, and areas, such as storage centres and depots. They engage in the recruitment and selection of employees, organizational training of new employees, supervision of subordinates and organizational functions like accounting. The responsibilities of a general manager are unique and may differ according to the company’s brand and store size. In large retail chains such as Target or Costco, the general manager is often charged with the responsibility of managing a single store. They oversee various functions within departments, help with recruitment and employee orientation, and coordinate financial resources and other activities. They also facilitate coordination between different departments in order to manage the efficiency of the store.

In small shop settings, the general manager can cover several stores within the given region, for example, a city or county. It can also involve managing multiple regions and being responsible for the performance of all the stores within those regions. The degree of accountability and the area of operation may vary from place to place, affecting the salary range of general managers. However, it is still one of the well-paid positions in the USA.

  1. Buyer

Annual average salary: $64,380

A buyer is an individual who has the sole responsibility of purchasing items for his company so as to replenish stocks in the stores. They serve as the initial contact point between the business and the manufacturers or suppliers. Their responsibilities include the evaluation of prices, the negotiation of contracts and the management of delivery schedules. They also have a chance to complain to their supervisors about suppliers who did not impress them by failing to sell the right products. Thus,  buyers are supposed to evaluate the products in terms of quality, price, and time of delivery. They agree on terms to win good deals and check on any issues that may relate to the contract. These decisions have immediate effects on the store’s capacity to satisfy demand and generate optimal sales.

Competent buyers must be skilled negotiators, be in a position to forecast market trends and be capable of developing and maintaining supplier relations. The planning process helps the store align its inventory with its sales goals and consumer demands. Finally, this position, being well-paid, requires an individual with powerful analytical and industry-specific thinking to help a store perform well.


While many retail jobs are entry-level and low-paying, there are many opportunities for advancement and high pay in the retail industry. From Buyers to Store Managers, these high-paying retail jobs offer competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth.  With the right skills, experience, and education, you can land a lucrative retail job that pays above average. If you have been looking for top-paying retail jobs, then we hope this article has been of tremendous help to you.

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