10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience or Degree

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10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience or Degree

Do you want to find a job that allows you to make a good income but you do not have to spend hours studying or have a college diploma? You’re not alone! It is common to wish to launch a career or change a profession without the limitations set by typical obligations. The good news is that there is a large number of well-paid positions that do not necessarily require a degree or many years of experience. Below are ten easy jobs that pay well and which people who are willing to work can easily get whether they have a degree or not. Whether you’re starting from the bottom and working your way up, or earning your paycheck based on the skills you possess, it’s possible to make a decent income regardless of the education you have or don’t have.

10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience or Degree

1. Copywriter

Average salary: $58,458 per year

A copywriter creates readable, engaging, and convincing written content aimed at making the target audience take action – for instance, buy a specific product, sign up for a service, or support a cause or an organization, skillfully turning clients’ visions into appealing words and images for advertisements, fliers, websites, and social media accounts. They write for magazines, websites, blogs, and TV programs to create several forms of content, which include social media posts, persuasive speeches, press releases, feature articles, product updates, memorandum, marketing emails, and content idea pitching to interested organizations.

Tips on How to Become a Copywriter

  1. Build a portfolio: Most employers or contract jobs have a section where copywriters have to submit samples of their work. Getting a relevant content portfolio can be very helpful in impressing hiring managers. First, you can write blog posts or sample pieces, using prompts to build up your portfolio. Ensure that it contains a range of work to demonstrate your flexibility and capability to work for several sectors. Showcase your accomplishments in different mediums like articles, ads, social media content, and marketing collateral to prove your versatility.
  2. Apply for jobs: You can look for different copywriting jobs depending on your interests, including employed, employed part-time, self-employed, and online copywriting jobs. If you don’t find any local opportunities, search for remote jobs to increase your chances. It is always important to study the job application procedures keenly. It is common for many employers to ask for the submission of writing samples or sit for a writing test piece. Also, adhere to the guidelines in the letter so that your best work will be assessed. Make your applications reflect on how your skills and experience suit the particular position better than the other candidates.

2. Police officer

Average salary: $59,621 per year

Police officers are given the responsibility of crime prevention, arrest of offenders or criminals as well as protection of life and property. While the general functions may depend on the rank and years of service, a police officer must write reports and maintain detailed records. They may also be required to give evidence in court. Their other duties may involve addressing emergencies, solving crimes, gathering evidence, cordoning off scenes of crime, observing suspects, seeking warrants, apprehending suspects, taking any statements from witnesses, interrogating suspects, and preparing cases for presentation in court.

Tips on How to Become a Police Officer

  1. Acquire lifesaving certifications: First aid and CPR certifications are mandatory for all police officers and must be renewed periodically. These should be done before joining the police academy or while there so that one can be ready in the event of an emergency.
  2. Pursue training: Once you meet the age qualifications you should apply to the police academy and undertake the required training courses. This training is important as it provides one with the skills and knowledge needed to be a police officer.
  3. Prepare your resume: You should also create a resume that will display your skills and achievements most appropriate for the positions you apply for. Describe your educational background up to the highest level attained and work experience (if you have one), including the employer, the years worked, and the duties performed. Stress on events that would depict your potential to serve in the law enforcement sector.
  4. Apply for police officer positions: Look for job openings for a police officer in your region. Determine the positions for which you are best suited, and start applying with your new resume and unique cover letter for each job. It is advisable to align your application documents to the requirements and standards set by the particular job to enhance your employability.

3. Plumber

Average salary: $73,341 per year

Plumbers work on pipe systems that deliver water and gas to clients’ properties and eliminate waste. Their primary duties are to fit new plumbing systems in new construction and refurbished buildings, as well as repair and maintenance, fix emergency calls, diagnose problems with equipment and advise clients on the necessary corrective work and costs, etc. Depending on the industry and the size of the job, specific responsibilities may differ.

Tips on How to Become a Plumber

  1. Complete a plumbing apprenticeship program: Apprenticeships for plumbers are required, and they involve theoretical knowledge and actual practice, which is paid. They generally last for four to five years and impart all the technical know-how as well as the knowledge required for the job.
  2. Earn your journeyman license: The laws regulating licenses also differ from one state to another; therefore, you ought to find out more about the laws of your state. The majority of states demand that independent plumbers procure a license to practice, which always demands that in addition to an apprenticeship, the plumber must complete between 2 to 4 years of experience on the job. In addition to acquiring experience for licensure, you must work under a licensed journeyman. However, if you are going for entry-level positions, experience may not be necessary as you can learn on the job.
  3. Get certifications: Certifications prove that you are acquainted with the industry’s best practices in terms of skills and experience. There are numerous certifications within the plumbing industry that you can pursue to make yourself more marketable to employers and progress in your career.

4. Graphic designer

Average salary: $50,656 per year

Graphic designers are responsible for creating both print-based and electronic media materials, which may include advertisements, newsletters, and magazines, digital media, movies and television, website and applications, package design, interior and architectural designs. In most cases, a company, a client, or an art director briefs them on a message or an idea to communicate through the illustration. That is when the designer uses text, images, and colour to build the idea of the visual representation. Other responsibilities may include choosing fonts, colours, and photos to use in layouts, logos, and computer software to create illustrations, etc.

Tips on How to Become a Graphic Designer

  1. Develop your portfolio: Apart from the resume, most employers need to be presented with a portfolio of sample designs that you have previously done if you are a graphic designer seeking employment. You should start creating a portfolio when you have work to show, even if you are still in school. Update it as you gain new experiences and/or skills in your profession or life in general. Generally, a portfolio should contain between 10 and 15 works that are the best in terms of quality. If you don’t have professional experience, you can make designs for yourself and send them.
  2. Enhance your skills: Since the design industry is ever-evolving, it is essential to continue learning. To be up-to-date with the latest trends, software, and technologies, one should attend conferences, webinars, and workshops.
  3. Identify your specialization: It is common for graphic designers to decide on narrowing down the focus of their work, and some of the niches include branding design, digital design, motion graphics, etc. If you have a specific flair for something and there is a market for it, then pursuing further education and looking for a job related to that interest might be beneficial.


5. Delivery driver

Average salary: $54,198 per year

The delivery driver’s job description involves the delivery of products from one place to another, guaranteeing the safe delivery of customer goods. Other responsibilities that come with this position are packing, loading, and offloading items into and out of the vehicle, ensuring the delivered items meet the customer’s expectations, processing payment in case of need, and maintaining the delivery vehicle’s cleanliness and functionality.

Tips on How to Become a Graphic Designer

  1. Have a high school diploma or its equivalent: Delivery drivers require essential literacy, numerical skills, and communication skills that you can learn while in high school.
  2. Possess a current, valid driver’s license: It is clear that one needs to have a good driving record to become a delivery driver. If there are violations on your record, you may still be able to get a job as a delivery driver if the last violation was more than three years ago.
  3. Obtain the license for other types of cars: A Class A, B, or C Commercial Driver’s License makes you eligible to drive heavier vehicles like a bus and tractor-trailer among others. Further, licensure is not mandatory but would help expand your employment options. You may also come across well-paid jobs.

6. Web developer

Average salary: $77,791 per year

Web developers are expected to code in a manner that enables them to design both the front end and the back end of a website. The front end is the part of the site that a user is able to interact with, whereas the back end refers to the processes that convey information to the front end. Web developers in small firms may also be involved in web design to a certain extent. Some of these responsibilities include identifying the specifications of the company or team that needs the website and programming the front-end and back-end code of the website. They work with designers to decide how the website should look and come up with ways of getting feedback from the users.

Tips on How to Become a Web Developer

  1. Get a portfolio: A web designer has to compile a portfolio to present his or her work to prospective employers. Any websites or applications you have developed can be included in your portfolio, as well as the code you wrote yourself. Many sites allow for the posting of the portfolio which enables the hiring managers to see your work in detail. If you don’t have professional work experience, you can include your practice tasks.
  2. Search for positions: When you have identified jobs which you think fit the level of education and experience you have, read the application procedures carefully. For every position you apply for, you should create a unique resume or cover letter to make yourself as unique as possible. Using the job description, look for keywords that you can incorporate in your resume to ensure that the hiring manager does not lose interest.

7. Sales Consultant

Average salary: $74,574 per year

A sales consultant employs his or her professional advice and knowledge to help companies boost their sales by suggesting modifications in organizational procedures. They can be with a consulting firm or offer their services to various clients on a contractual basis. Some main responsibilities of a sales consultant are to educate the salespeople on how to apply technology to increase sales conversion and increase the organization’s product and market knowledge to develop the best sales strategies etc.

Tips on How to Become a Sales Consultant

  1. Find your niche: Most of the sales consultants are industry-specific. To define your niche, think of the specific areas that you find most interesting and which you think you know a lot about.
  2. Build your network: The sales consultant job may require a range of professional contacts to build up a customer base essential for a successful career. Business professionals should network so that they can meet employers and clients that they could work with. Attend business meetings to find new contacts and request friends and co-workers to refer you to other people.
  3. Strengthen your soft skills: Soft skills that are important in the position include communication, negotiation and persuasion, problem-solving, customer service and public speaking. Development of these skills can greatly boost your performance in this area.

8. Massage therapist

Average salary: $46,232 per year

A massage therapist is an independent practitioner who provides therapeutic touch through the use of his or her hands to address pain, tension, stress, and injuries in the body. Their key responsibilities include the evaluation of each client, as well as making necessary referrals to other professionals. Other responsibilities of a masseuse are to consult with the client regarding his/her health history, complaints, and expectations; to assess the client to determine areas to work in the body; to document all treatment sessions; and deliver treatments either in the facility or through house calls.

Tips on How to Become a Massage Therapist

  1. Explore massage therapy specializations: To qualify as a massage therapist, decide on your area of focus before enrolling in a program. They include hot stone, deep tissue, Shiatsu, and Swedish among others. Due to differences in clients, knowledge of the different types of massage therapy is useful.
  2. Fulfill practical requirements: Some states require a fixed number of direct experience hours as a prerequisite for one to be licensed. These hours may be completed through internships or work within a school’s massage clinic.
  3. Update your resume: Summarise your academic details, certifications, achievements and skills briefly. Perform a search on the available massage therapist jobs in your area to come up with a unique cover letter customized for different jobs by using keywords obtained from the job description.

9. Truck driver

Average salary: $74,931 per year

A truck driver is employed to transport cargo using a large commercial vehicle or a semi-trailer truck. They may operate over regional or national distances and, as such, may spend more time on the road as they may be required to spend days or weeks on the road. Truck drivers may transport different products depending on the line of work, for example, food products or livestock. The responsibilities that come with this position include loading and offloading the truck, performing checks to determine safe working conditions, etc.

Tips on How to Become a Truck Driver

  1. Maintain a clean driving record: A clean record when driving shows that you are a safe and capable driver on the road. Since this involves a long duration behind the wheel of a heavy truck, this is a very important requirement. Employers are more likely to take your application positively if there has been no record of any driving violations in the last three years.
  2. Obtain your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): To be a truck driver, one has to obtain a Class A or B CDL. Search for state-approved driving schools that provide the required training for the acquisition of this license.
  3. Be willing to undergo necessary testing: This may encompass Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation testing and a physical examination. Furthermore, your employer may require you to undergo drug testing. These assessments help ensure that you have the physical and mental aptitudes needed to do the job.

10. Airline Pilot

Average salary: $59,486 per year

Pilots confirm that the planes are in good condition to fly and perform well, as well as check on the weather and decide whether to proceed with the flight. They ensure that they file all flight plans and modify them depending on weather conditions, delays, or any other factors that may delay the flight. For instance, they speak with the air traffic control concerning flight plans, traffic patterns, weather, and other circumstances concerning the flight. When in flight, they have to constantly check on aspects like the performance of the engines, the amount of fuel that is remaining, and so on.

Tips on How to Become an Airline Pilot

  1. Obtain licenses and certifications: To become an airline pilot, one has to have a private pilot license as well as a commercial pilot license. Although you can learn the private pilot license through education (which is not mandatory), getting a commercial pilot license requires the candidate to log 250 hours of flying time with certain minimums including 100 hours pilot-in-command (PIC), 50 hours cross country PIC, 10 hours instrument training and 10 hours technically advanced aeroplane (TAA) training.
  2. Apply for positions: Perform an extensive search for the available airline pilot jobs in your region. Find positions that are suitable to your skills and apply, and make sure to update your resume and write a compelling cover letter stating why you are the best candidate for the job.


These 10 jobs offer a great starting point for anyone looking to earn a good income without the need for much experience or a college degree. However, we must still mention that getting the right education and experience would elevate your chances of even earning more in these career paths. Whether you’re just starting, looking for a career change, or simply want to increase your earning potential, these opportunities can help you achieve your goals. Remember, many of these jobs require skills that can be learned through training, certifications, or online courses, and some may even lead to further career advancement opportunities. Don’t let lack of experience or education hold you back – explore these options and start building a brighter financial future today!

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