10 Best Cities for Job Opportunities in the UK

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10 Best Cities for Job Opportunities in the UK

The United Kingdom is a hub for economic growth and innovation, with a thriving  job market that offers a wide range of opportunities across various industries. From the financial powerhouse of London to the tech hubs of Manchester and Edinburgh, the UK is home to many cities that are driving business growth and creating new job opportunities. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or looking to make a career change, finding the right city to launch or advance your career can be a good step toward success. In this article, we’ll explore the best cities for job opportunities in the UK among other relevant information.

About Working in the UK

Working in the UK provides a good platform for people to develop their skills and knowledge. This is because it has a strong and extensive economic base, with multiple industries like the financial sector, technology, healthcare etc. The country has a relatively low unemployment rate, which is right now at 3.7% and a strong demand for skilled employees. In order to work in the UK, people generally need a visa, evidence of English proficiency, and a relevant higher education degree. The Skilled Worker visa is the most widely utilized work visa and job seekers must have a job offer in an acceptable occupation from a licensed employer.

The UK’s major industries include the service sector, metals, and chemicals, with London being a global financial hub. Other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh are also growing as business and economic centers. Also, the country’s transportation network and high-quality infrastructure attract both businesses and professionals. The UK offers people a very special chance to perfect their skills, be highly successful in their jobs, and enjoy a varied and rich culture. Indeed, the UK is a great destination for professionals who are planning to improve their careers and accomplish their aims thanks to its strong economy, innovative business sectors, and open atmosphere.

10 Best Cities for Job Opportunities in the UK

10 Best Cities for Job Opportunities in the UK

  1. Leeds

Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK and stands out as a go-to place for employment opportunities. Leeds has a diversified economy with various sectors, such as education, health, science, print and publishing, creative industries, digital, and retail. The city is a cultural hotspot with a reputation for music, sports, and arts, and it is also a place which is inhabited by a community that is composed of different people with much to discover. Leeds has more than 7,000 job opportunities and 20 shared working spaces that present a wealth of career options and working environments.

Additionally, Leeds has an extraordinary job market, with a lot of companies having considerable operations in the city. Also, the number of new businesses in Leeds is the highest in the country. The cost of life is comparatively low and that makes it easier for people to try new career opportunities within the city. The best employers in Leeds are ASDA, KPMG, Tesco, PwC, Deloitte, and Capita. Key living expenses in Leeds are as follows: commuting expenses are £1,622, rent or mortgage about £12,420 yearly, and the average salary is around £28,257.

Glascow City
Glasgow City
  1. Glasgow

Glasgow, the third most populated city in the UK, is also one of the best cities to work at. It provides lots of job opportunities to professionals from various industries. While being known for its significant tech community, Glasgow provides good internet services and ranks third in the UK for 4G download speeds. This is the reason that makes Glasgow a wonderful place for job hunts as there are plenty of amazing job opportunities and a high standard of life. Some of the top employers in Glasgow are McDonald’s, J. P. Morgan, Tesco, Teleperformance, and Amazon. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting expenses are £1,929, rent or mortgage roughly £9,048 per year, and the salary is £29,161 on average.

Furthermore, as the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is a city pulsating with attractions, restaurants, and activities of great diversity. Its architecture is famous for the Victorian and Art Nouveau style, thus making it a perfect setting for both work and relaxation. Finally, Glasgow is a city that weaves the old and the new, making it a great place to live and work.

  1. Liverpool

Living costs in Liverpool are under average income, therefore residents have the chance to save money. Interestingly, the majority of residents are content with their jobs, salaries, and daily lives. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more workers prefer areas that allow remote working, and there are many such areas in Liverpool. Through its relatively low living costs, Liverpool provides a sense of stability and comfort in life.

Moreover, the most dominant employers in Liverpool are Amazon, McDonald’s, Tesco, NHS, Barclays and Unilever. The key expenses for residents are as follows: travel costs is on average £1,684 a year, rent or mortgage stands at £8,940 per year, and the annual salary is about £27,596. Notably, Liverpool is the fifth largest city in the UK and is famed for its well-kept green parks, with 16 parks bearing ‘green flag’ status. With more than 5,000 jobs advertised in the area, Liverpool ensures abundant employment choices.

  1. Bristol

The metropolis of Bristol, with a population of 617,300, is well-recognized for its lively music and cultural scene. The cost of living is higher in Bristol than in most other cities, however its business community has been remarkable for a city of its size population. The city of Bristol boasts a low unemployment rate and has a high demand for employees who are highly skilled. Top employers in the city are Barnes Group, American Customer Care, Bristol Hospital Health and Care Group, and Bristol Connecticut. Key expenses for residents are as follows: transport costs about £1,762 a year on average, rent or mortgage is £12,720 per year approximately, and the typical salary is around £28,355.

With West Country as its location, Bristol is the best place for those who wish to live in a city that is both lively and breathtaking. The city has gorgeous beaches and harbor homes that can fulfill the needs of different lifestyles. This makes Bristol an ideal option for those who are looking for a new career, lovely scenery, and great workspaces. Also known as the greenest city in the UK, Bristol has one of the cleanest air quality among the cities on the list. The work opportunities, awareness of the environment, and multicultural nature make Bristol an attractive place to live and work.


Edinburgh City in the UK
  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh enjoys a lucrative employment market with the highest paid tech employees. Its festivals and cultural events also add to its employment opportunities. The city is well known for its talent acquisition and retention, making it a favourable place for skilled professionals. Lead employers in Edinburgh are Skyscanner, The University of Edinburgh, Baillie Gifford, Blue Branch Marketing, and The Royal Bank of Scotland. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting is worth £1,929 a year, rent or mortgage is £18,912 while the average salary is £31,122 annually.

Being the “hilly capital” of Scotland, Edinburgh offers splendid landscapes and many places to visit. The city presents historical places such as the Middle Age Old Town, Edinburgh Castle, and Arthur’s Seat. The residents who love green spaces can take advantage of the city’s 34 award-winning parks such as Craigmillar Castle Park and Fairmilehead Park. The job market of Edinburgh is strongly built with over 6000 job listings and 23 coworking spaces that offer a wide variety of career opportunities and office spaces to work.

As earlier noted, the city is rapidly gaining ground as a favourable location for young techpreneurs, with a notable number of new startups being established. In the year 2017, it is reported that at least 3,055 startups were created which is equivalent to seven new businesses for each 1,000 inhabitants.

  1. Cambridge

Cambridge is a student city by nature and brings lots of prominent scientists into different disciplines. The city’s long academic history has the most significant impact on its identity and quality of life, as it was ranked third among the best cities for graduates. Job openings at the graduate level in Cambridge are about 3.2 positions per 1,000 residents, second only to Manchester and way ahead of other cities. This student-vibrant environment also makes Cambridge the UK’s major entrepreneurship center.

One of the most important advantages of Cambridge is that it has great salaries. However, being third in the UK, Cambridge yields an average weekly salary of £609, following Milton Keynes and Reading. With high earning power and £346 per month being the average rent, Cambridge is one of the cities with the highest financial attractiveness for graduates. In addition, Cambridge is noted for its zero crime tolerance. In 2017, it recorded 962 hate crime offenses and incidents, placing it as the second most tolerant city in the top ten, with Derby overtaking it with 599 incidents. One of the aspects that Cambridge scores the best is culture and leisure, it is full of the best museums, theaters and parks.

In general, Cambridge is a city with a rich academic heritage, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, high salaries, a low cost of living, cultural richness, and tolerance, making it the ideal city for graduates who intend to start their first careers.

  1. Manchester

Manchester is the breeding ground of the whole world for Acid House music and bucket hats.  Following in the footsteps of the cultural revolution, Manchester is now the most flourishing digital and tech hub in Europe. This means that the city is also a good place for job seekers because it has a high rate of employment. The leading employers in the Manchester area include Tesco, PwC, Accenture, Amazon, and McDonald’s. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting costs are around £1,684 per annum, rent or mortgage just reach £11,712 per annum and the average salary is about £29,682.

Being one of the fastest emerging cities in Europe, Manchester has come to be a major business hub. Manchester has more than 40 coworking spaces, 20 Michelin Guide restaurants, and 10 parks, which have been awarded the green flag, providing diverse choices for working, eating, and recreation. These features are the ones that make Manchester a perfect destination for young professionals who like to live in a city of action and diversity.

  1. Birmingham

Birmingham, the biggest city in the UK, is world-renowned as the place where chocolate brand Cadbury was born. The city is an ideal place for job seekers because it presents very many chances to explore and grow their careers. With a strong business background, Birmingham opens better employment opportunities in different fields. A number of the top employers in Birmingham are National Express (West Midlands Travel), Sainsbury’s, Mondelez (Cadbury & Trebor), ASDA, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting costing on average £2,438 per year, rent or mortgage being £11,424 annually, and salary is around £28,568.

As a center of the West Midlands social, cultural, and economic, Birmingham is an interesting city. The city is rated with 17 “green flags,” which is an indication of numerous well-kept parks and green spaces for recreation and social intercourse. If you seek the convenience of a flexible working space, Birmingham has 26 coworking spaces which means you have many choices for a perfect office setting.

Also, Birmingham has in store an enviable food scene, which consists of over 16 Michelin Guide restaurants that cater to a wide range of culinary tastes. The city’s lively atmosphere, with its plentiful job opportunities and affordable living costs, draws young professionals and families to come and live here.

Newcastle City
  1. Newcastle 

Newcastle, UK, is known as one of the most promising cities for work, and the city’s annual gross value added is $38.156 billion. Among the cities of the UK, Newcastle is ranked at the peak in our index of well-being with its low cost of living and a variety of social amenities for workers. The leading employers in Newcastle are Accenture, Amazon, McDonald’s, NHS, Teleperformance, and Sage. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting costs are around £1,570 a year, rents or mortgages are £10,068 per year, and the average salary is about £28,818.

In the North of England, Newcastle holds the second place in the UK’s top graduate job markets. This City is known for its bustling environment, sustainable growth, and affordable living in relation to the bigger cities. Newcastle is well-known for its nightlife, pleasant architecture, and historic path, where the locals are welcoming and warm. Newcastle, as a whole, has a strong appeal to young professionals and graduates for the reason of its economic opportunities, affordability, and cultural richness.

  1.  Cardiff

Cardiff is home to the leading financial and business services center in Wales, with this sector employing 20% of the city’s workforce and offering various job opportunities. The city has also acquired a reputation as a start-up-friendly area in which innovation and new business ventures can flourish. Leading employers in Cardiff include Starbucks, Amazon, PwC, the NHS, and ASDA. Key expenses for residents are as follows: commuting costs estimate £1,664 annually, average rent £12,588 per year and the average salary is approximately £27,497.

As the capital of Wales with a population of almost 300,000, Cardiff is the largest city in the country and provides a vibrant atmosphere, jam-packed with activities and sights. This city has 14 outstanding parks that are well maintained and provide plenty of green spaces for relaxation and recreation. Compared to other UK capitals like London and Edinburgh, Cardiff has lower contamination levels, which helps to create a healthier place to live in.

The city also offers coworking spaces, 4000 job listings, and seven Michelin Guide restaurants. This abundance of job positions, cheap accommodations, and cultural life is an interesting option for both professionals and young families.


The UK offers a dynamic and rewarding work environment, with a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. From its thriving cities to its stunning countryside, the UK is a great place to live, work, and build a career. With its strong economy, innovative culture, and welcoming attitude towards international talent, the UK is an ideal destination for professionals looking to take their careers to the next level.

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